Meaning of Life:Still searching
Five Things I Can't Live Without:Money Sex Phone Attention Love
Favorite Books:Its actually pretty random ahah I really love the nihilistic aproach Charles Bukowski has and at the same time I am in love with Harry Potter series :)
What I Like To Do For Fun:Many things you should ask for that
Favorite Songs:Awww thats a hard one... I love classical music and Jazz when i hear it but really can't name a single song
Favorite Movies:Oh I am a huge gangster movie lover haha! All the Tarontino and Guy Richie movies for sure. I also love In Bruges, if you haven't seen it deffinetly check it out! Also Filth was quite entertaining :)
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now:I would be in Bali
Hobbies:I love dansing sooooo much! For me it is so intimate, when two people give themselfs to dance it can be almost as hot as sex... but sex is still hotter :)
Talents:Relaxation Wisdom Creativity and ofc Sex, BJ, riding and many others
Perfect Mate:grown up, open and non-defensive, honest and lives with integrity, respectful of and sensitive to the other, having uniquely individual goals and priorities, has empathy for and understanding of their partner, has a sense of humor,

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